Lady of the shore (von Corinna Vanvlodorp)

I hear thy calling, Lady of the shore.
Thou are demanding my services once more.
I hear thy calling, yet I shall not wait.
War is my destiny, mortal is my fate.
With my soul an my heart an my hand
and thy strengh by my side I will stand.

I hear thy calling, Lady of the court
proving obedience with my ready sword.
I hear thy calling, thy blood runs through my vain.
Thy trial means destruction.
Thy gift is death and pain.
And my heart and my faith will prevail.
I`ll be cursed, shall be damned if I fail.

I hear thy calling, the dead stand by thy side.
Oh` wont thou bless me and kiss me soft tonight.
I hear thy calling, thy guiding voice so warm.
Hold me now, save me, keep me in thy arm.
For my duty is truly fullfilled
all my tears, all my blood has been spilled.

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